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Music producer, community creator, open source guy from berlin, germany. I write about music production. Become a patron or check my releases.

Sneak Peak: Piano Mensch

Hey folks, Bitwig 2.5 is out and of course I started making music right away. And to be honest, I also started making music earlier, during the beta phase. The beta was so good in the last versions that I could easily make music with…

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Sneak Peak: Just Science

I love David Fincher, so i used this supercut to complement my music in this video. The major arpeggio contrasts the dark minor piano very well i think. Also the 3/4 crackle rythm contrasts the 4/4 song structure. So it´s all about contrast this time.

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Back to the real Internet

I've been on the Internet for a long time on many platforms and present my content there. The last example is Flickr, on Flickr I've been presenting my pictures for over 10 years now and I've participated in about five or six takeovers. At least…

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Sneak Peak: Neurofunk Lego - Drums & Basses

Hey folks, Im trying to create some loops and sounds for a bitwig template. All sounds should be interchangeable and compatible with each other. At least that's the plan. Right now I'm just creating a lot of different basses and drums and optimizing them until…

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Sneak Peak: we have a deal

Little excursion into the soundtrack genre. Clicking and indefinable percussion elements meets piano deep tubes. Whoever thinks of David Fincher here is not wrong. The whole thing is of course heavily influenced by his films. I think this will also be a new track on…

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