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Bitwig Studio 3.0: How to make a Track with / Video Course

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In this new series I want to show how and what you can do with Bitwig. In practical examples and broken down into different approaches.

4 main modern approaches to write a song

Lets get an overview of the course and look on the different approaches to create something like a track in Bitwig.

  • Algorithmic Approach
    • designing a system instead of a song
    • creating songs & structures indirectly
    • genres: ambient, chillout, experimental
  • Sound Design Approach
    • most creativity goes into designing sounds
    • Song is mainly a collage of nice sounds
    • mixing & mastering plays heavy role
    • genres: dubstep, edm, techno, drum & bass
  • Musical approach
    • main focus is harmony
    • melody first, sound design second
    • borrowing chords & melodies from old hits
    • genres: soundtracks, pop, rock, classic, folk
  • Mixture of all 3 above
    • The focus can be spread over all 3 methods


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