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Biano - Organic Piano / Marimba Patch for Bitwig 2.5 Sampler

polarity bitwig

After I recently made the Bongo samples, I had the idea to send all the samples through a "resonator" and try out what you can do with it. 

Set the resonator with the first band to the fundamental "C3" and slightly lift 2 octaves above it (C4, C5). Then I sampled everything and after a bit of playing around I decided to trigger the different samples with velocity value. 

This way you always trigger a different sample when playing the same key and get a slightly organic sound that reminds you a bit of a wooden instrument or a marimba. 

I hope I was able to inspire you to use the Resonator more often!

You can download the preset as usual in my Polarity Music Tools GitHub Repo. Or click this direct link.