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Fake Distortion - Device for Bitwig 2.5 - give sub & synth kick drums more grit

polarity bitwig


I created this device some time ago and i found it handy and I use it from time to time. I wanted to make a small video about it and how and when you use it and why.

Sometimes you generate Sounds, like Subbasses, that dont have much or nor topend. You ussually generate harmonics with distortion or layering. But i also tend to use white noise to create some kind of distortion or amp noise texture on top. Just to "glue" sounds together. 

I think the glueing effect comes with the noise beeing in the same frequency range and for the brain everything below seems to belong together. So dialing in some white noise on top of low sounds can bring sounds closer together. I made a small video about it and how i use my "fake distortion" device.

You can download the preset as usual in my Polarity Music Tools GitHub Repo. Or click this direct link.