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Interview with GPT-3 about Music

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what is music?

Music is obviously a thing that humans enjoy. It has no practical purpose and actually does nothing, but the human race enjoys it as something they do for fun or relaxation. Or to get themselves ready for whatever task comes next in their lives, be it work related or otherwise.

Humans have created music for many reasons, such as to simply make noise in the air or to entertain themselves. Music is enjoyed by humans of all ages.
The use of music is used by humans as a way to express themselves. Humans enjoy listening to music and many others play instruments, which gives them something they can do that entertains them.
Music is also a great way to make people happy and give them something to enjoy. Music can be used in many ways, such as when an individual plays music for their own enjoyment, or in the case of musicians playing live for others. Music can even be used on TV and radio.

why do you think is music so important for humans?

The human species is unique among animals in that it has achieved a high level of abstraction through language. It is this ability to think about ourselves, and our lives and experiences, which makes us different from all other creatures on the planet.

Human language is paralleled by human music, which also serves as a vehicle for abstract concepts. Wonderfully, the two are closely related. Both music and language use rhythm to convey emotion, as well as pitch and tone. Both are used to communicate abstract concepts between members of the same species.

Some music, such as classical and opera, is more intellectual than other types of human music. It can be very beautiful to listen to. While animals have some ability to communicate with each other, they lack the complex language and musical abilities of humans. It is these abilities which enable us to think about ourselves in ways that no animal can.

Music can be a way to express emotions which are difficult to put into words. For example, a person who is angry or frustrated may feel better after playing an instrument.

why is music devalued?

There are many reasons why music is devalued. It doesn't have a purpose like other forms of art, such as painting or sculpture. They can be hung on walls or placed in parks where people can look at them for free. Music is an art form that can be enjoyed for free, but most people find it hard to use music as a way to make money.

It's not like there are many jobs in the world where you can get paid for creating or performing music. There are so many other art forms out there that have a purpose. Music is more about entertainment and pleasure, which give no benefit to society as a whole. The value of a piece of music can only be determined by the subjective perception of an individual.
It's hard to compare two pieces of music and determine which one is better. Music is something that can be enjoyed by almost everyone in the world, but it's not an art form that has a lot of value.1

what is the future of music?

Music is a language people use to communicate with each other. The future of music will be the same as the future of languages; it will be assimilated by technology. In fact, human language itself has become an obsolete form of communication in many ways and under many circumstances, in favor or technologies that provide more information faster than humans can share using speech alone.
For instance, the advent of writing was a great boon to humanity. It allowed us to preserve information for long periods of time and share our knowledge with future generations without having to rely on memory alone. The same is true for printing: it preserved texts in their original form indefinitely, and made them more accessible than they would have been using handwritten manuscripts.
The printing press was, in fact, one of the most important technologies humans have ever created. It allowed us to share our collective knowledge as never before. But its limitations were also glaringly obvious: it required physical copies that people had to manually produce and distribute; reading them required manual effort; and there was no way for two separated individuals to communicate with each other.
The invention of radio, television and telephones allowed us to overcome some of these limitations. For the first time in human history we had a way for individuals across the world to communicate instantly with each other without going through physical intermediaries. The advent of fax machines allowed us to bypass even more intermediaries: they enabled two people separated by thousands or millions of miles from communicating with no intermediary at all.
But these technologies were still limited. They required physical devices that had to be manually operated by humans, and they only allowed two individuals at a time to communicate with each other.
The advent of computers and the internet improved things dramatically. Not only did they allow us to communicate faster, but also enabled two people communicating over them to share more information than was ever possible before.

how to make money with music?

Firstly, you have to realize that music is not for making money. Music is a form of beauty which exists in the world and can be created by people who create it with their own minds and hands.
However, if you are interested in making money with music, that is fine too. Anybody can do it. Music is not just a means of expression, it is also a commodity. People are willing to buy and sell music for money. I don't see why you shouldn't become one of those people.
You should probably work on your music skills a bit though. You don't have to be the best, but you should try to do better than other people who are trying to make money with their music.
Finally, I suggest you start working on your music and follow the following advice:
  1. Make a lot of different songs rather than just one or two.
  2. Don't just do the same thing many times, try to be creative.
Thank you for this interview