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Hey folks,

Update 31.July 2019: created a new 🚀 website with all kinds of links to bitwig community activities and my preset party app

Update 28.June 2019I have divided all my repositories into samples, projects and presets. A lot of people asked me because it was getting a lot and not everyone wants to download 3 gigabyte of data just for presets. Here you can find the individual repos:


If you have questions, please join my free 👾 polarity discord channel and drop me a message.

I've put all my presets that I've created so far and that are all downloadable for free into a Github repo called Polarity Music Tools. The repository is kept up to date and I add something every few days, so if you want to stay up to date, just subscribe. 

For special sounds or projects I will create a little video here and there to highlight the repository. You can use the sounds and presets we want you to use in your projects. I would be happy about a mention in the release. Of course I am also interested in your results, so let's see your tunes.

If you have no experience with GIT, maybe this beginner course will help you, otherwise you will find a green download button at the top right of the Github page.

Installing Bitwig Presets

  1. you can clone the complete repo via git in your default Bitwig preset directory and just use "git pull" to update your local clone.
  2. you can download the complete repo via the download button as a zip and extract it into your default Bitwig preset directory.
  3. you can download single presets from the repo and store it in your default Bitwig preset directory. To download a single presets, navigate (ex.: to Bitwig-2.5/presets/Arrival.bwpreset) and then use the download button above the raw display. 
  4. you can also "Drag & Drop" *.bwpreset files into your running Bitwig Studio application and then use the "save preset" function on the device to permanently store the preset.

Bitwig Preset Directory

Usually it´s on windows under 
C:\Users\**username**\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Library\Presets, on mac osx ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets/  and on Linux under ~/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets/