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Rando Rambo - Generate instrument presets with the Grid

polarity bitwig


A simple thought: How do I create a Grid Patch that generates sounds on an instrument of my choice? In this video, I show you how I did this with the Polysynth.

The patch has a simple setup. Generate random values with a random lfo + delays to sample different values on the waveform. Then sample and hold these values and apply it to a synth (in this case the polysynth). With a push of a button, you can generate new presets/sounds.

Would be nice to have a convert option to make the modulated values persistent on the device itself. Should be working with all instruments inside Bitwig. Also VSTs.

The preset is called "Rando Rambo" and can be found on my GitHubΒ in the 3.0 folder. Have fun!