Sneak Peak: Piano Mensch

Hey folks,

Bitwig 2.5 is out and of course I started making music right away. And to be honest, I also started making music earlier, during the beta phase.

The beta was so good in the last versions that I could easily make music with it and didn't want to switch back to the stable version. The new VST handling is wonderful. I can finally deactivate tracks and all VST plugins on the track are completely removed from memory and don't consume CPU resources anymore. And even better, huge " Kontakt " patches are not even loaded in the deactivated state when the project is opened.

Like all my tracks, this track was created out of nothing. I have started to try to build pads and from the whole construction of course one or the other element has formed. Then, of course, I had to add beats and then one thing came to the other and the track was ready in no time.

There are some parallels to "Synkro", but that wasn't planned and it was just accidental and subconscious. 85 BPM, nice pads, nice drums, a slow build-up and a melody that goes into your ear. I think you are never wrong with that.

Maybe the track will land on a new album of mine in this or another form and this is just a kind of sneak preview. I'm looking forward to your comments, opinions or ideas about the track. You can also leave your thoughts about the new Bitwig 2.5 here. Have you already had some experiences?