Stranger Things in Bitwig Studio - Join the Outrun Challenge


In this Video I tried to recreate the "Stranger Things" Theme in Bitwig Studio with internal instruments only. You can download the project here and remix it, add stuff or just reuse some of the instruments.

Bitwig Outrun Challenge

Also, come and join the Bitwig Outrun Challenge and upload your 80ies themed Bitwig Presets in the discord. Maybe we can come up with a nice package of Synth Wave presets.

Bitwig Challenges are small, fun, creative monthly exercises for us to put our skills to the test. There are no prizes and no winners. Just a bunch of geeks making cool stuff centered around one central theme. Create anything anything you can imagine, whether it's a lead synth, a sound effect, a tool, or an entire song... it doesn't matter, just make it!

  • Create and submit any sound, preset, or tool that relates to the 'Outrun' Theme.
  • Submissions must be made inside of Bitwig and should end up as a '.bwpreset' file.
  • Enter as many times as you'd like before the 31st of July.
  • There are no winners or rankings.
  • Have fun and think outside of the box.
  • Upload in the Bitwig Discord

The Intro Video was created by Wellnesspunk.