Wishful Waves - Free Bitwig 2.5 Project for Download

Hello folks,

I have created a new template or project which you can download for free. This time it's a slower downtempo track made out of Bitwig internal synths & effects. I also tried to "bounce" as little as possible and to leave all tracks with their original instruments. Watch this video:

When changing the project, please note that various tracks have automation, so don't be surprised if the instruments change in the course of the arrangement. The project is about 10 MB in size and runs from Bitwig 2.5. Have fun with it and share your experiences or outcomes with me.


If you like what you hear in the video, you can download the project as always on my 💾 Github in a ZIP or clone the complete repo to your harddrive via git. You can 💰 Support me on Patreon.