Sneak Peak: Neurofunk Lego - Drums & Basses

Hey folks,

Im trying to create some loops and sounds for a bitwig template. All sounds should be interchangeable and compatible with each other. At least that's the plan. Right now I'm just creating a lot of different basses and drums and optimizing them until everything fits together.

LDC2 by Audiority
LDC2 by audiority

I got the Harmonic Maximizer & LDC2 from Audiority yesterday because I looked at the demo versions and was very happy with the sound. Of course I was able to use the plugins for the new project. The Maximizer can fill up missing frequencies and the LDC2 helps me to get the drums pumping nicely.

Harmonic Maximizer by audiority

I also have a small video with the current status. As I said, everything is still work in progress but you can already see where the journey is heading.

Ill keep you informed when it´s finished and available for download. It will be free or at max. 5€ & free for patrons.