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Bitwig Presets in The Cloud - Updates to my Github Repositories

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Hey Bitwiggers,

I want to give you a small update on my content situation: 

  1. The polarity-music-tools repository contains only bitwig presets from now on, to keep the overall size smaller. Maybe i even have to make separate repos for different versions, its at 1GB now.
  2. The old "bitwig-presets" repository is renamed to "bitwig-community-presets". Even when the competition is not very active at the moment, i want to keep the repo and maybe add presets from discord automatically in the near future via a chat bot.
  3. The preset-party-app is updated to reflect those changes. Use the app to keep your local directories of those repos up to date. With a push of a button, you get fresh content. You can download binaries for windows, macos and linux on my release page.